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As an organization, we pride ourselves in providing premium world class services to a wide range of clientele across the world. We know that for many of our services it would be a huge investment for either you as an individual or your organization and so we offer free hour calls to you so you can first confirm if we are the right-fit for you before you can make that investment. So book that time slot here.

  • Diagnose and deal with the core issues affecting your performance & pe...

    16 hr

    UGX 2,000,000/$525
  • Empowering you to thrive in the rapidly evolving workplace

    10 hr

    UGX 2,000,000/$525
  • Essentials skills to propel your team into

    10 hr

    UGX 4,500,000/$1200
  • Know your Strengths such that you can use them to your advantage

    1 hr

    UGX 2,500,000 ($660)
  • Empowering you to grow through other people's experiences

    Duration Varies

  • Empowering you to effectively manage your leader

    1 hr

    50,000 Ugandan shillings
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