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On 7th January, I graduated after completing my professional coach training. The joy sort of sneaked up on me although I didn’t do my usual “I’m excited” ritual. It felt awesome achieving this milestone even though I have never had trouble with school or classes (only research 😊).

In fact, I used to be one of those kids who would go to the staff room to check why a particular teacher was missing class. However, this was different. It was intense and the final assessments even added more giant butterflies in my stomach but thank God for friends and classmates who were willing to support me in all.

Coaching Certification has been on my list since I decided I wanted to play in the Professional/personal development space. I have been educating myself intentionally and I am glad this step takes me further into the journey.

I have other learning goals as well.

I am building a business so learning certain skills as I navigate new territories has been essential too. In that regard, last year, I also did a marketing course with a Kenyan company called Africa Blossoms. The training was very insightful, and we are beginning to implement some of the lessons learned. The journey continues well into this year.

Getting professional coach training and acquiring business management skills were my broad goals for 2021. They remain the same for this year with a few tweaks.

Having learning goals gives me the needed guidance in regard to the investments I make financially and with my time. I intentionally pick the books that speak to these needs, intentionally sign up for programs that speak to these and I’m able to say no to good opportunities that are not for this season in my Journey.

What are your learning goals for 2022? How can we support each other?


Brenda, Your Personal Growth Partner!

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